Audiomachine, founded in 2005, maintained their original branding since their launch. In 2017 we did a complete rebrand, including logos, color ways, typography, new website and new sales material to help push them into the next 10 years and elevate the brand well beyond their competition. The music they create is already superior, and now they have a brand to match it.


"Scott has an incredibly unique way of thinking outside the box. He took Audiomachine through a complete rebrand; it was a joy to work with him on this and to experience his process.

He created deliverables (something we had never done) that our clients absolutely love, helped with overall strategy, across the board branding design and ideas with a big picture in mind, facilitated a web design team that was a perfect fit, and created a new logo and typography for us that we use everywhere! I appreciated his connections with various teams, printers, photographers, and his 'finger on the pulse’ knowledge of what is currently prevalent in these industries- trust is huge when you are going through a re-brand. Could not be happier. Incredibly grateful for his understanding of a variety of industries, and his honesty in the process. My favorite part of working with him was saying: “In a dream world, if this was your company, what would you create?” His passion and creativity poured out and his excitement to do what he loves was evident. He’s truly the best at what he does." —Erin with Audiomachine